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Vintage Arched

The Vintage Arched Pergola is one of our most popular. This unique style can be adapted to fit most settings and architectural designs. It allows for large free-spans, with minimal view obstruction, allowing our pergolas to create an intimate and inviting space for dinners & relaxation.

This model features arches directly mounted to the posts, purlins and battens, with 6” on-center spacing, creating roughly 50% shade. You may decrease the spacing in the battens to provide more shade, or talk to a qualified member of the team about other shade and covering options.

Sizing is completely customizable to your patio, deck or platform so you can enjoy a custom build to your exact specifications, making your outdoor room feel cozy and purpose-built, unlike some prefabricated standard size pergola kits.


Post and Beam

The Post & Beam Arched Pergola is a perfect addition to your yard where you would like a large pergola, but want fewer vertical posts. We utilize carrying beams to accomplish just this. The beauty of this style is incredible and it will become the focal point of your backyard. You supply detailed dimensions and we’ll provide you a pergola that will fit perfectly in your space/shape. These wonderful additions to any home will be adored by your family for years to come.

Our arched pergolas & arbors are fully laminated, a time-consuming, but eye-catching process, that adds a whole new dimension to your custom structure. We use a waterproof weatherproof adhesive and clear-pin all arches to ensure longevity and no delamination. Our personal favorites, these pergolas command attention. Whatever your taste, no matter your style, you can rest assured knowing that we can provide the right product at the right price for you.


The ‘Classic’ look of Italy brought to your backyard experience. We have taken a taste of the wine country and brought it to life with our artistic and tasteful layout. Add ladders to create more shade, or even add battens. All sizes and end options come in a four or six post model. Joints are dado cut for a perfect fit, then labeled for easy installation. This pergola brings a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and beauty and adds extra flair to your deck, patio or yard.



The ‘Ritirata Pacifica’ or ‘Peaceful Retreat’ is a simple and cozy, yet elegant pergola. It has 2×10 rafters, 6×6 posts and 1×2 battens, which provide shade and substance to your deck, patio or yard. Each Ritirata rafter is hand selected to ensure beauty and quality. Upgrade to 1×4 battens, spaced closer together, for more shade. This pergola is a great fit for small or odd shaped spaces, and perfect for a midday retreat, or a dinner party with friends.


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