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We will meet your highest expectation.

We, as a team, pride ourselves on our work and professionalism. The in-house design team and customer support services, make our team the leader in quality and customer service.

We Use Inland Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata), we use the inland variety of this species, which is prized for its light, dry fiber and small tight knots. An aromatic, shade-tolerant specimen, growing throughout the Idaho Panhandle, especially in low lying land, northern slopes, and deep draws. While not a true cedar of the genus cedrus, it has been known to the Pacific Northwest (and indeed throughout North America) in the building trade as the only cedar builders know. The lumber from this tree is beautiful, rot resistant, and very workable and stable. It is a leader in exterior applications such as fencing, siding, power poles, and shake roofing. Pergolas, outdoor furniture, decking and docks are some of the other uses that benefit from its natural rot resistance. Its reputation for staying straight and minimal shrinkage has made it popular for visual applications.

Backyard cedar pergola over hot tub

Custom Cut & Dried

When you place the order for your Custom Pergola, we order the inland Western Red Cedar from the local mill “Timberland Wood Products”. The lumber for your order is cut when your place the order so it is fresh and the best quality on the market. We then dry the cedar to our exact specifications. Custom cut and dried, this is how we create your pergola.


To ensure everything in your order fits to perfection, we preassemble the Pergola prior to shipping.

We then ship your kit with ALL of the products needed to install your pergola, except for the basic hand tools and the hands to operate them. Your pergola comes with ALL the needed hardware and includes a stain touchup kit as well as, detailed instructions to make assembly easy.


The brackets aren’t the standard brackets that you get at the local hardware store. Ours brackets are custom made at a local fabrication shop “North Idaho Iron Works”. They are 3/16” thick, making for a good looking and sturdy pergola.


What makes us stand out, and above, other pergolas, is our famous, unique laminated, cedar arch. Custom cut and dried Cedar, shipping and hardware; you can see what sets us apart from other brands. With Epic Pergolas, there are no hidden costs, the fastener holes line up, and the cedar hasn’t been sitting in storage.

We’ve thought of everything

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality materials available, easy hassle free installation and the most outstanding pergola on the block.

Western Red Cedar

The leader for exterior applications.

Custom Cut & Dried

Especially for you, when you order.


We pre-assemble your Pergola prior to shipping


Custom made at a local fabrication shop.


Custom Pergolas & Arbors

About Us

We design, construct and ship a wide variety of custom outdoor pergolas and arbors. Our facilities allow us to produce a large variety of products from pergola kits, to arched products, like our famous custom laminated arched pergola.

All of our custom pergola and arbor products come with a full, well-detailed instruction manual for construction of your kit. A generous, industry leading, 5-year limited warranty on any defective workmanship. Free technical support, and free-shipping of damaged or missing parts for replacement. We keep full records of each and every pergola sold, and a comprehensive list of parts. This way, if snow, wind or falling trees damage your pergola, we can create and ship parts in a timely fashion.


About Our Products

Manufactured In The USA
Ethically Sourced Materials
5-year Limited Warranty

Not only are our employees and raw materials the best of the best, but our hardware is as well. We utilize all stainless and coated fasteners to ensure longevity of our kits, and our clients total satisfaction. All anchoring hardware and other necessary fasteners are included with each kit. We do not believe in making you purchase any additional parts or hardware to assemble your kit. When you order through us, you are making the decision to purchase a hassle free, custom pergola or arbor that will meet your highest expectations.

Manufactured In The USA!

We build your structure in Boundary County, Idaho. We, as a team, pride ourselves on our work and professionalism. The in-house design team and customer support services, make our team the leader in quality and customer service.

Ethically Sourced Materials

Our “low-impact” forestry practices ensure the long term health of the forest and land. We pride ourselves utilizing 100% of our lumber. From pergolas and arbors, to firewood to heat our facility, we use every inch of every tree we harvest. This is how we can, and always will, provide our clients with the lowest priced cedar pergolas and arbors, at the highest quality available.

Our Pergola Kits are designed with our customer in mind. Each Pergola Kit is pre-made in our shop and clearly labeled to ensure quick and easy assembly. Our pergolas and arbors can be assembled by at least two people in about one to four hours. Get the whole family involved and it will become a bonding and memorable afternoon!

We would like to thank you for looking over our company information, and we look forward to working with you on your upcoming projects.


You supply detailed dimensions and we’ll provide you a pergola that will fit perfectly in your space/shape.

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